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You have been trapped in a scientist lab and must survive as long as possible. The mad scientist will try and trap you by using a teleporter when the teleporter is charging the targeted tiles will start to flash red and after a few seconds will activate teleporting any escapees out of the game. Once all escapees have been caught the game will be over.


A key will randomly appear on the map with a countdown only one escapee can grab the key and proceed to the next floor. If you fail to get the key in time the room will be destroyed and the game will be over. Keys will take you to next room however when you hit floor 10 instead of going down to a larger room you will be rewarded 100000 points.

Every three seconds you will be rewarded on the number of escapees alive. Points = multiplier * the amount of the escapees on the map * 250

Hearts will randomly appear on the map grabbing a heart will release another test subject.

Jewels will randomly appear on the map grabbing a jewel will give you score by 1000 * multiplier


Left click to select the escapee you will see the block on their head change to red to indicate which escapee.

Right clicking on a cell will make the escapee run towards it.


WARNING – When a cell is still flashing the escapee will run through the tile if it the quickest route. So, you can risk it and try and run over the tile or wait for the attack on that tile to be over. If you click after the teleport attack has started the escapee will find the quickest route around the tile.


TheMadEscape.zip 30 MB
The Mad Escape - Dean Holland Rising Star Documentation.pdf 1 MB

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